Petra Vlčková is an actress in theater company for children BONBON, that has been created in 2011 by Petra Vlčková and her uncle Bohdan. In 2011 she also admitted to Silesian University in Opava - Institut of Creative Photography with surreal photographic collage series Circus, that reflected her profession and dreams about that. Her interpretation is based on theater experience that joins photography exposed as self-portraits.
In 2014 she started long-term project Grandmothers, that was inspired her grandma and that shows senior ladies and their dress - code. In 2015 photographic series Grandmothers won 1st prize in Czech Press Photo competition.
Based in Frýdlant nad Ostravicí in Czech Republic.

Circus, Gallery Camera, Ostrava, 2011
Circus, Cafe La petite conversation, Ostrava, 2012
Obsession, Gallery Nibiru, Ostrava, 2017
Grandmothers, Gallery Neustadt, Prague, 2018
Grandmothers, Labyrinth School, Brno, 2018
Grandmothers, Komorní scéna Aréna, Ostrava, 2019